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ATRX provides professional advice and expert evidence on antitrust policy, economic and, trade policy matters and IP disputes. We offer thought leadership centering on topical issues in antitrust, global trade, and innovation.

Our multidisciplinary experts include economists, international business and finance professionals as well as lawyers. We are highly skilled in dealing with companies, banks, governments, export credit agencies and multilateral institutions. Our senior experts have a broad range of industry knowledge across a variety of sectors.

Recently Thomas Hoehn, founder Director of Antitrust & TradeRx GmbH has been appointed as Trustee to monitor and help to ensure the compliance with the implementation of the commercial settlement agreement between CFM International and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) concerning CFM’s maintenance, repair and overhaul policies and activities.



Since 2013, Antitrust & TradeRx GmbH has provided economic expert advisory and consulting services worldwide. Our experts have held senior management and advisory positions where we gained the trust of our clients, demonstrated leadership and showed commitment to achieve results.


We are experienced practitioners in antitrust, trade and intellectual property. We have extensive knowledge and an outstanding track record in antitrust proceedings, international business and public policy. We understand the challenges you face. We tailor our services to your needs.


We have wide experience in working with businesses and governments as well as international and multilateral institutions. We have a strong background in economics, trade and finance. We use our strategic acumen and insight to implement world-class solutions. We are passionate in offering the best solutions for our clients.


Our Team


Managing Director

Thomas Hoehn

Thomas Hoehn is the founding Director of Antitrust & TradeRx GmbH.

From 2009 - 2017 Thomas was a Panel Member of the UK Competition and Markets Authority. He was a Visiting Professor at Imperial College Business School, London from 2003 to 2009 directing the Executive MBA Programme. In 2009 he established the Intellectual Property Research Centre At Imperial College he taught courses on Business Economics, Smart Cities and Intellectual Property and continues to teach in its Executive Education programmes.

For ten years until November 2009 Thomas was Lead Partner of the Economics practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers UK and now is an affiliate of NERA Economic Consulting in London and Berlin and a Senior Advisor to Mazars LLP, London.

In the course of his economics consulting career since 1984, Tom has advised clients on over 100 assignments and presented expert evidence in antitrust proceedings across Europe. Tom’s consulting experience includes assisting Microsoft in the implementation of the 2004 Commission decision.

Thomas Hoehn regularly acts as a Monitoring Trustee for the European Commission and has experience leading over 35 monitoring trustee assignments in Europe, the US and China. His cases include major multi-jurisdictional mergers and the oversight of long-term behavioural remedies (GE/Instrumentarium, Cisco/Tandberg, GE/Avio, Telefónica/E-Plus). Tom has also acted as Monitoring Trustee in national merger cases and as Interim Monitor in the US (GE/Avio). He has also collaborated closely with his US counterpart (Interim Monitor) in multijurisdictional cases (Procter & Gamble/Gillette and Pernod Ricard/V&S).

He is an accredited CEDR mediator. He has published widely and led research projects on merger and competition relevant topics. His published research included the review of the national merger remedies practice in 400 merger clearance decisions across 30 European countries. The result of his research on interoperability remedies was published in the European Competition Law Review in February 2013.

Thomas previously held teaching and research positions the University of Zurich and the London School of Economics. He completed a Masters in Economics, from the London School of Economics and obtained his first degree at the St. Gallen Graduate School of Public and Business Administration of Economics.

He is a Swiss national and speaks fluent German, English and French.

Tel: +41 44 286 88 63/60

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Antitrust, Trade and Intellectual Property



ATRX offers its clients expert advice and economic analysis on the basis of rigorous empirical research and insight into decision making by antitrust authorities worldwide. We know what evidence counts. Our practical experience from investigations into competition in over 100 markets and knowledge of the M&A process produces robust evidence when needed.

The founding director and senior members of ATRX have been involved in all areas of antitrust and merger control supporting global companies in complying with antitrust laws and commitments made to enforcement agencies such as the European Commission, the US Federal Trade Commission, MOFCOM, the Bundeskartellamt and other competition agencies in Europe.


ATRX supports governments, international institutions, industry associations and multinational companies on trade, trade policy, trade disputes and export finance. We understand the trade universe from a government perspective but also take corporate view. We know the expectations both of the public sector and businesses. This allows us to deliver the right solutions on strategy and economics.

Our experts combine practical relevance with rigorous research methods. Members of our team are advisors for one of the most complex WTO disputes. We also advise industry associations, for example in WTO anti-dumping probes. We are a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence for trade policy, foreign trade promotion and trade disputes. Our senior experts continuously publish on strategic, economic and trade policy matters.

Intellectual Property

ATRX provides expert advice and valuation services with respect to intellectual property assets that are the result of investment in research, innovation, creativity and reputation. Intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks represent a greater value than tangible assets in today’s economy and play a key part in economic growth  and business success.

We assist companies, investors and potential licensors when they  require expert advice and guidance regarding the pricing and valuation of IP that they own, seek to acquire or license. At ATRX we combine experience from academic teaching and research as well as practical experience gained in advising leading consumer brands and managing IP departments of major technology firms.



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